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Welcome to Brain Wave Blitz - a digital playground dedicated to the joy and challenge of online games crafted entirely from Vanilla JavaScript and more. Each game you explore on our website is free to play, designed to stimulate your mind and bring a wave of excitement. Our design ethos embraces simplicity and effectiveness, as we pride ourselves on creating websites that resonate with your needs and aesthetic preferences. We harness the power of PHP with Object-oriented Programming, Vanilla JavaScript, Fetch/JSON and HTML5/CSS3 to create smooth and responsive user experiences.

Our commitment to Vanilla JavaScript means that our games are not bound by the constraints of libraries such as jQuery. This freedom allows for easy portability of our games, making them a cinch to adapt and implement on other platforms. The Object-oriented Programming (OOP) approach we adopt in our PHP coding results in highly reusable and efficient classes. This means that these classes can be transferred to other websites with minimal modifications needed, thereby maximizing efficiency and flexibility. At Brain Wave Blitz, we create with versatility in mind, ensuring our creations deliver both in terms of engaging gameplay and technical adaptability.

Images featured in the Jigsaw and 'Can You Solve?' sections are original shots captured using a Sony Camera. Interactive photography features on the gallery page offer detailed descriptions of each image along with its EXIF metadata. For a professionally designed website delivered efficiently and affordably, reach out via the contact page on this site for more details.